Monday, July 18, 2016

A french tour will not be complete without understanding Eiffel Tower

Are you planning to spend your next vacation in france? You can be happy that you have taken a wise decision. But your tour will be complete, only if you visit Eiffel Tower situated in Parris, the capital city of france. As many modern facilities and attractions are there which may consume your available time, you should not skip Eiffel Tower. If you do skip, your french travel will remain incomplete and unsuccessful. Now let us understand some historic facts about this great structure.
The Eiffel Tower was constructed as a centerpiece for the celebration the centenary of French revolution. This monument was constructed as a token of gratitude of the French people to the immense benefit brought about by the French revolution to the citizens of the country in particular and the world in general.
The construction of this giant structure was started in the year 1987. The dedicated and uncompromising efforts of thousands of engineers, technicians and labors made it possible to inaugurate the structure on 31-03-1989. It became an instant success and nearly 30,000 participants in tours of france climbed its 3710 steps to reach the top as lift was not operational in the early days. Lifts became operational only a few months after the inauguration.
There were three levels and the entrance fee charged from the participants of the tours of france depended upon the level up to which one visitor is ascending. During the initial days, during nighttime, the tower was lit by hundreds of gas lamps. On the top of the tower there was a post office in those days, through which the visitors of french travel can send post cards and letters to different parts of the world as a memento of their visit.
The Eiffel tower is an all iron structure in which 7,000 tons of wrought iron used for the construction of this most attractive destination of tours of france. Maintaining such big metal structure is not an easy task. Once in seven years 60 tons of paint is applied to keep french travel attraction safe from the problems of rusting. Statistics show that more than 250 million people have visited this wonderful structure after its inception in 1889. So, when you visit france, never forget or omit to visit the great Eiffel tower, which is a powerful landmark in man’s history and culture.
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